Monday, April 23, 2012


things are changing! i have loads to tell you about. hang tight while i settle! you guys rock. lately i've had a number of people tell me how much they enjoy reading my blog. as much as this is a place for me to unload, unwind, and unleash, it's really a place for you, too! i'm glad we've shared this. thanks for the kind words! i'll be back posting really soon.

things of note:
– i've moved
– classes start tomorrow
– i went grocery shopping
– i made a video
– i've learned a lesson

*sorry, i know that that yellow is way too bright and the grey is way too light. 
but like it says, i have class tomorrow and don't want to redo it.


  1. this is 2103, we love you and your blog and your interior designing skills ;) ...and your waffles....

    love, Lais, Courtney , and Iris!!! <3<3<3<3<3<3

    1. oh sheesh! thanks 2013, you guys rock.

    2. 2103. not the first time i've screwed that up!