Wednesday, April 4, 2012


my bike is one of my prized possessions.
i call him Jay.


  1. whoa! did you buy your bike like that? Or did you suddenly feel crafty and whip out the mod podge?

  2. remember when we went to pick him up?? One of my favorite memories. I thought you were mugged or dead in a ditch. It was like a sketch drug-deal or something!

  3. kelsey—no, i wish i had, though! i bought it from a guy who suddenly felt crafty and whipped out the mod podge! i'm considering buying another bike soon and doing the same thing but with playing cards!

    marissa—oh my... i totally do! that was the best! i was so nervous going back behind his house. and then you guys left!! i could've been in a 'situation' without any backup! thanks for taking me :)

  4. am i allowed to love your bike?