Tuesday, April 17, 2012


once i was told to question everything.
so today i asked myself a question:

why did we choose the lightbulb to represent an idea?

what do you think?


  1. Because when we get an idea, it is as if our minds---dark, not understanding, sometimes just confused with a problem---are opened and whatever was dark or confusing has just been brought to light, opened up and we are better able to solve the problem at hand.

    1. Beth i really like that! it made me picture our minds—or the inside of our skulls, rather—as dark places. but that made me feel uncomfortable. so instead i imagined it like a lightning storm in the clouds looking down from space. (like this: http://vimeo.com/32001208) our ideas are like lightning, they come quickly, bringing light with them, and then go. and if we're lucky, the idea will grow and become something almost tangible. and once it's concrete enough, it's brought to fruition. then like the cities in civilizations, they alway giving off light—they stick. and once you've let enough ideas grow and enter the real world, then your mind isn't so dark anymore. in fact, it's quite bright. that's cool. thanks for leading me down that tangent!