Saturday, April 14, 2012


it's finals week and i haven't studied anything but french and canadian history.
there goes my grades....
what a cool place!


  1. soo i don't really know you. but i do stalk your blog {creeper i know.}. and i am friends with austin. but anyways i just thought you should know a kid in my ward down at SUU just got called to your same mission!! speaking french!! he leaves july 11, his name is devron johnson. he is like the coolest kid ever. but i just thought i would let you know, because i was super stoked. ha!

    1. hi brooke! where did you know aust from? high school? that's awesome! i've heard of so many people getting called there! it's amazing, really! i'll definitely keep an eye out for him. i'm super stoked as well! how do you like SUU? i have a few friends down there. i've heard that the campus is just jaw-dropping.

    2. It definitely is a cool mission! and i sort of knew austin in high school, i am a year older then him, but i went on the book of mormon tour with him like 2ish years ago. but honestly i love SUU it is such a good school and yes the campus is beautiful! funny thing i am going on a mission too! except i am going to chicago spanish speaking but i leave july 11 {same as devron.} so i might still be in the MTC when you come in!

    3. awesome! i went to pg, too (in case you hadn't already deduced that!) can i just say that your graduating class was my favorite? you guys will forever be "the seniors" in my mind. that is so awesome!! i'm getting so excited about missionary work! that's awesome to hear. chicago is an amazing place to be—you'll love it! if we are we'll definitely have to be friends there!

  2. ha i like to think we were pretty cool. but its good to know that you thought that too haha. and yes we will definitely have to be friends in the mtc! missions are awesome things and it really is so exciting!