Thursday, February 28, 2013


Bonjour tout le monde!

This week in one word: change!

My oldest brother, Austin, came home from his mission in Portland. I hear he had quite the homecoming! Congratulations to him! He has always been an amazing example to me. I've always looked up to him and I hope to serve as faithfully as he did!

Our area went through a lot of changes! We ended up dropping a few of the potential investigators that we had and did a major sweep through our area book. We found some really solid investigators (I'll tell you more about them in a bit...) and saw a few miracles!

But the biggest change of all is that I'm being transferred! I kind of knew it was coming. The area that I'm in, like I've said before, is the envy of the mission and it's rare for a missionary to stay here for more than 3 transfers. So where am I going and what will I be doing? Drum-roll please... I'm training a new missionary (I won't know who until Wednesday morning) and together we will be flushing (the two Elders that are there are leaving and we're replacing them) a small town in the sub-arctic called Rimouski! I'm excited and nervous but all-together ready for the change! That means I'll be going from the middle of downtown MontrĂ©al to the outskirts of the mission. In fact, Rimouski is the furthest north in the whole mission. It will be very cold and there will be quite a bit of snow but I'm ready! It will be fun to train and I'm glad that President Cannon trusts me enough to help the mission in that way. (Speaking of the Mission President—we got word that the new Mission President who has been called to replace President Cannon is Victor P. Patrick. I haven't heard anything about him but the alliteration in President Patrick is packing a punch!) 

There was an accident in the metros this morning and the whole metro line we live on was closed so we got to the office pretty late.)

Here’s a bunch of pictures…


A little something I made

I thought this was a super cool painting 
A museum Caitlin took us to on McGill campus

Caitlin made cinnamon rolls for me on Friday (my six month mark)
I'll miss seeing this in our building entrance
I love this city!

My last "J Dawg" (Send me more sauce!)
Elder Reid wanted to play on last "Super Settlers" game this morning before he leaves

Okay I know this is lame and I do this so often but I'm out of time... One thing... Saturday was Stephanie's baptism! It went very well! She was so excited and all of her family came out to support her! That was such a blessing because we've been working with her parents ever since I came here 4 months ago to try to get their approval for her baptism. I was glad to see them there for it. 

I love all of you! Sorry I couldn't give you more of an update! Have a great week!

Elder Ellis

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