Monday, February 18, 2013


Bonjour tout le monde!

So remember how last week I said I had no time and yet still managed to write a proper letter? Yeah... that isn't going to happen this time! I got to the office and got slammed with a bunch of computer questions and we have a zone activity in 20 minutes. So that doesn't leave me with much time to talk about this week day-to-day! So I'm not going to try!

With that said, this week was great! We've worked hard and had fun! Here are a few highlights:

We got back in touch with Dustin! I was asked to help fix a few computers and set up some printers at the Villa Maria chapel for the Employment Center and while we were there we ran into him! He had transferred his records from YSA to the family ward and we had no idea where he went. Apparently he has been looking for a job and getting some help from the Church. It was good to see him and catch up.

Valentine's Day! It was funny to see people carrying flowers around all day. Everyone seemed to be in a lighter mood and we actually got to teach a few lessons!

Sometime in the middle of January (I'm not sure if I wrote about him or not but...) we met a guy named Adam who invited us back to talk about the Book of Mormon. He gave us a date to come back a month from when we met him. Well, that was just about a month ago! So we went to see him and he was actually still expecting us! That was nice. We had a great discussion and taught a really great lesson about the importance of the Book of Mormon in our lives today.

We made Stephanie's baptismal program for this upcoming Saturday! We are so excited for her to be baptized! She has the most interesting story. She was absolutely lead to find the Gospel. Oh! And her friend that introduced her to the Church from Utah is coming with her family for the baptism! They met in India while on a humanitarian trip and roomed together and stayed up every night talking about the Church and the Book of Mormon.

I got a few letters from Dad! That was great! It's fun to hear how excited everyone is to see Austin again! I can't believe that he is coming home tomorrow! It's funny, I bet I've been more trunky for him to get home than he has. Then again, the letters and emails are pretty much just all about the preparations being made for him to get home! I love hearing about the renovations at home! You should actually send me some pictures so I can see them!

Also, would you mind putting the Hymns without words on my iPod when you send it? It helps in the morning when we sing a hymn for companionship study to have some accompaniment!

That's just about all I have time for this week! I love all of you!

Avec amour,

Elder Ellis

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