Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Bonjour tout le monde!

Okay, I am so super sorry that you're going to get two really lame emails in a row. This morning we were asked to help move one of the new senior missionary couples into their new apartment and it ended up taking all day. I have to get going to Family Home Evening with the YSA in a bit (technically, P-Day is over but we were told that we could still take a few minutes to send an email home) so I'll try to get as much in as possible! I won't be able to do a day by day breakdown so I'll just throw in some of my favourite memories of the week.

Well first off, I didn't get transferred! I'll be staying with the YSA for this transfer! I was so happy to hear that I get to keep working with them. I've made a lot of amazing friends here and they are all so excited to help in the work! I got my first "in the field" haircuts. Let’s just say that at the end of the day my 5 o'clock shadow is longer than my sides...Okay, it isn't that short but it is definitely the shortest I've ever had it. I asked one of the missionaries in our building to give me a haircut because he does them for everyone and I figured it must be for a reason! He had me pick out the length and I told him 22mm on the top and 19mm on the sides (the regular numbering system isn't in use here for some reason?) He did the top and then moved on to the sides and the second he started cutting I realized something was wrong. He looked really nervous and I saw a longer chunk of hair than expected fall to the ground. He ended up using the 9mm instead of the 19mm--and then tried to fix it by going shorter and shorter. It's okay, though. It'll grow back before I see everyone in 2 years!

Let's see, what else? Oh, I am coming close to finishing the Book of Mormon for the first time in the field! I've been putting more focus into reading it each morning lately and I've found that it has helped me immensely! For the longest time it never occurred to me why my days seemed better and my mind worked more efficiently after reading the Book of Mormon. I would always explain it in lessons with investigators by not explaining it--let me explain. It's easy to say, "For some reason, my days are just better." But the smallest chase will lead to the simple truth which is: by reading from the Book of Mormon, the Book of books, you receive a portion of the Spirit. You'll remember that in the Doctrine and Covenants that Spirit is Light (84:45) and again in D&C 93:37 that Light and truth forsake that evil one. I don't know about you, but the root of every bad day I've ever had in my life has been "that evil one." Why not forsake him? Here, take this list of synonyms of “forsake” and make it personal. Why not [desert,|leave,|leave high and dry,|turn on'e back on,|cast aside,|break (up) with,|jilt,|strand,|leave stranded,|leave in the lurch,|throw over,|walk out on,|run out on,|dump,|ditch,|can,|abandon,|relinquish,|dispense with,|disclaim,|disown,|disavow, discard,| wash one's hands of,|give up, drop,| jettison,|do away with,|ax,|ditch, scrap,|scrub,|junk,|forswear] the evil one? My personal favourite is leave high and dry. Read your scriptures each and every day and I promise you that you can (insert your favourite synonym here) the evil one from your life. And I promise that your days will be better, your time more well spent, your mind opened up to the will of God for you in your own life.

Mmmk, I've got to get going. Next week I will do my absolute best to write a proper sized email!

Je vous aime tous!

Elder Ellis

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