Sunday, March 4, 2012


tonight i had dinner with my extended family. i had such a great time with all of them. i really wish you could meet my family. in fact, if there were one thing that i want for you to have from me—it would be my love for my family. if you could just feel for one moment how i feel about them you would experience the greatest and most fulfilling love. my mom and dad are amazing; my brothers and sisters make my world; my aunts and uncles are my heroes; my cousins are the coolest; my grandparents will forever be my favorite people in the world; my family is my life. i feel that way about second cousins and great aunts and uncles, my grandparents' siblings and their parents. my favorite little moments in life have always been with my family. i wouldn't be the same without them—they have shaped me, my opinions, my outlook, my passions—and for that i am eternally grateful for them. my favorite thing in this world—and if i every say otherwise, i give you my permission to slap me senseless—is my family. there aren't too many things i am absolutely sure of in this world, but rest assured, of this i am sure: my family means everything to me. i can't wait to start one of my own. that will be my greatest success in life, my crowning achievement, my climax, my peak and my purpose—to have a family of my own that i get to share with the family that i already love. i am supremely thrilled that through the Atonement of our Savior we will be able to live with each other forever. nothing brings me greater joy or peace than knowing that one simple but infinitely important principle. if there is one thing that i want you to remember about me it is this: the family is the single greatest blessing we are given on this earth. i believe that and i hope that throughout my life others will recognize that. don't forget that.

before dinner, my cousin Addison and i went for a bike ride. check it out:


  1. Some people never learn. *sigh* At least you won't realize it when I don't show up to see your brain-damaged head in the ICU.

  2. Agreed. Family is definitely the best. Mine is spectacular

  3. This is my favorite thing I have ever read on your blog. Ever. Seriously.