Monday, February 6, 2012


at some point in my life i will be absolutely selfish and build myself a small home where i will run away to when i'm feeling kiddish. i will work on my favorite projects there, write my favorite stories there, and play my favorite songs there. i will make it a place that echoes my character. and just like a club house when we were still kids, i will only let my favorite person in. every person should have a small place where they can let go and offload. a place where you can be yourself on every level.

i've decided that i want to get into architecture. sadly, byu doesn't offer any architecture courses. i can't wait to fish for new schools when i get back from my mission. princeton sounds like fun. or maybe i'll just go to mit and knock out both at once.

 computer science needs to be augmented with something else. 

funny, that sounds a lot like myself.

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