Wednesday, February 15, 2012


my older brother, austin, has been on his mission for exactly one year tomorrow. i miss him so much! he wrote us an awesome letter today-


i love you guys more than i love gatorade, orange juice, seven layer dip stuff, manicotti, lasagna, beef stroganoff, pizza, five guys, in n out, my old rat tail, basketball, tennis, chinese chicken wings, the spurs, longhorns, digging giant holes for trampolines, 'sittin square in the chair' for dinner, dancing, singing, snapping the downstairs couch right in half on purpose, all of our amazing trips to the coolest places ever, thirty minute 'quick slicks' to get the house ready for dad to come home, watching football on a ten inch tv screen, twix ice cream bars, bajio, the rec center, swimming on the beach, chewing food loud at the dinner table, causing a 'riot', righting in the car on long trips, more than taco amigo, purple turtle, swedish fish, oreos, sugar-free gum wrappers all over the suburban, 'thrashing the house', 'checkin places off the list', worthless weekly planning on sunday night (that is not so worthless to me anymore), watching movies, sleeping outside on a concrete porch, trying to flood the basement as many times as possible, singing in roberta's choir, throwing matt's ds out the window somewhere by denver, the ocean, american eagle shopping sprees, veteran's day dinners, the twelve days of christmas, 'protein and whatever you can find in the freezer/fridge/pantry that looks healthy' shakes, and anything in the whole world. i love you guys!


love you, too, aust. love you, too. see you in eight hundred and eighty days!

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