Monday, May 13, 2013


Bonjour tout le monde!

I was trying to come up with a witty way to mention the fact that we just barely skyped and how looong it had been since we'd seen each other... and then I gave up! So anyways! It was so nice to see my family yesterday! Can I just say/sing one thing really quickly? I love technology! That was the best (and only!) Mother's Day gift I've ever received! You all look great and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute we spent talking!

And for everyone else—you should hear my little sisters play the guitar and the piano! They rock! Speaking of things that rock... Rimouski! This week has been so great!

Monday night we had Soirée Familiale with some of the members and taught the Plan of Salvation with balloons again! Everyone really liked it! It's a fun way to teach it because it's beyond visual! It's threedee! 

Tuesday! So remember how we were supposed to go get Tim Horton's with our neighbors? Yeah, well she came over at like 6:45 in the morning with a cigarette in her her mouth and cancelled on us because someone was in the hospital... I didn't catch all of what she told us but it sounded pretty fishy... Anyways! Later that day after lunch and a mini planning session we went out knocking! We had gone through the area books to find some old investigators that could still have potential and made a list. We were knocking in this apartment building and everyone was super mad at us and telling us to leave. I think there was something in the water that day... For some reason I was feeling really brave and I just kept telling everyone, "Yeah okay, well we're just going to keep knocking so have a nice day." They didn't like that. Then we got to the last door in the building... The lady opened and said, (In English) "Are you the Mormons?" We said yes and then she replied, opening the door a little wider, "Well then come on in!" We made sure there was another man inside and sure enough there was so we went in and sat down on their couch. They were really nice! Apparently missionaries have gone there before but stopped coming for some reason. We didn't know it at the time (we found out yesterday) but apparently she was a member a long time ago in the branch! There was a problem with her not being married but living with this man and so she stopped going. Long story. They were very nice, though! Later that night we had moose stroganoff for dinner! I. Love. Moose. It is seriously the best meat ever! After dinner we read with Eric and then knocked the rest of the night.

Wednesday started off as usual with district study. And as usual, it went really well! Then we went over to Eric's for our daily reading. He's been making some great progress! We make sure to stop and try to explain things as we go (especially now that we're getting close to the Isaiah chapters) and ask if he has any questions. He hasn't really asked any yet but he'll make a comment every once in a while about a part that likes! We went back to the apartment to eat and then headed back out for a full day of knocking! We found two really cool brothers in an apartment building. Landry and Louis are from Africa and have been in Rimouski going to school for about two years. They were very welcoming to us and open to the Book of Mormon. We had a great lesson with them about the Book of Mormon and explained it using the pictures in the front. They had some good questions about prophets but we wanted to be sure to have a return appointment so we said that we'd answer them when we came back. We set up an appointment to come back Saturday and then left with a prayer. We were so excited to find them! It's been a while since we've found someone to teach! And we found two! Score! Later that night we had a lesson with Yvan and Chantale and laid out a plan for the next few months until his baptism. We gave a short summary of each lesson and then talked about prayer. We really need to get him to start praying on his own. The only way he, or any of us for that matter, can find out the truth of all of this is through prayer. He was pretty set on not praying that night and got a little frustrated at the end so Chantale said the closing prayer. It was a great lesson nonetheless!

Thursday! Service à la Friperie! I love that place. Tossing trash bags of clothes into the back of semi is probably the funnest things that one can do. Our neighbors were waiting for us when we got back. (They are the funniest people ever. I'll try to get a picture with them soon.) They wanted us to help them go pick up some more furniture they found on the side of the road in Rimouski-Est. We did. And then after that we went out to knock some more of St. Blandine! We found another super cool couple that had met with missionaries before! They were extremely nice and spoke English! Karole is from Rimouski and her husband (I can't remember his name, so I'll call him Husband) is from Columbus Ohio! He is one of the funniest people I've met here. He is a retired police officer and loves horses. They met in Ohio at a horse show and he dropped everything to come live with her in Québec! They're madly in love. It's funny. He gave us a tour of his ranch and then we went inside and talked for a bit. They are really nice people! (Okay I'm totally out of time... Danny Harding just emailed me and we've been chatting it up.) That night we met with Frère Hébert for our weekly correlation meeting.


Friday we did our weekly planning, met with Israel Ouellette and then had dinner with our neighbors. He made the biggest plate of couscous I have ever seen in my entire life. We watched the Restoration DVD with them and then went over to the Bujold's for our book club. We've started reading "A Marvelous Work and a Wonder" with Roland because he won't read scriptures but he still wants to read. It went really well! Oh and Jean-François called! We left a note at his door earlier and he called to tell us that he got it. We should be seeing him next week probably.

Saturday. Landry and Louis cancelled because they had to go to Québec City. We went knocking in Mont-Joli and met a few cool people. 

Sunday was the best! I got to talk to my family! That's all I have time for!


We got mail from our district leader in Chicoutimi. Every night he asks if there is anything he can do for us and we just tell him, "Steak and lobster, my friend. Steak. And. Lobster."

Elder Ellis

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