Wednesday, June 27, 2012


twenty four days.

that's the longest break i've ever taken.
you must've thought i was taking my dear sweet time to whip up the greatest post known to man.
you thought right.

that is—if the greatest post known to man is a couple of gifs.
the first is jessie dancing with shrimp (you can't see them, but they're there)
and the second is just me. dancing. booya.
oh and check out my freaking beard! you'll get more details soon.

speaking of me dancing. take a look at this gem from a few years ago.
(sorry mobile peeps, i couldn't get a non-flash version)

back to tonight—jessie and kassie and i felt lonely so we kassie made dinner.
then we watched the young victoria. it was such a good movie.

this one really funny thing happened in it though that we couldn't get enough of!

isn't that hilarious? he absolutely eats it! we probably watched it twenty times.

oh! and to top it off, the night ended with a call from Kate.
inhale some things in life... exhale

let's just say i was all

i'm sorry about not blogging for the majority of june.
you've missed out on some great stuff.
heck, i even missed celebrating clay-all-day's first birthday!
how lame is that? we'll throw a party soon.
the good news is:
i'm back.

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  1. Those last two gifs are a bit of an understatement. Your reaction to the phone call was like those x7. Just saying.