Wednesday, June 27, 2012


in instagrams

adam at his baseball game. look at that form.

apparently this is what my brother thinks about me. all of those are Apple products in the bubbles. and my beard...

some things you just have to burn. like textbooks that you can't sell.

i drove up the canyon one day for fun. it was.

disco bowling with a friend.

won by one.

 oh matt...


hazel was glad to have me home. i'm a sucker for those eyes. when i eat, she does, too.

little debbie and betty crocker were my personal chefs in college.

midnight pancakes. because why not?

a new desktop background. low-poly landscapes are becoming a love of mine.

i'm a noodles and seafood kinda guy.

nutella on graham crackers. mmmm.

fanta. again.

a pattern i fold into almost every program in sacrament meeting.

driving up to cole's for some WWDC

a house i saw on the way. it ended up being a colonoscopy-something-or-other-weird-place.

i had some of the best watermelon i've ever tasted. and if you know me, you know i love watermelon.

shadows are cool. am i right?

bill clay and hillary jessie clinton. zach left me those masks when he left. we used them to scare the efy kids.

like i said—i drank a lot of fanta.

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