Wednesday, November 2, 2011


way back when we were the kids of the nineties,
everyone would say funny things.
like coinkeeedink instead of coincidence.

speaking of coinkeeedinks,
something totally weird just happened.

i sat down at my desk to read the Book of Mormon.
and, well, my computer was just sitting there-
and like any regular college student-
it took precedence over homework.
i opened up my regular sites.
and i stumbled upon this post.
i listened to the song, which was way good, 
and then opened my scriptures.


that was a note from Jessie from when 
i let her borrow my scriptures one day.

how weird is that? 
i just read a post about finding old notes.
and then i find an old note.
written by the person who wrote about finding old notes.

woah... i need to sit down.

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