Monday, July 22, 2013


Bonjour à tous et à toute!

Apologies are due in advance for this super short email that I'm about to write! So as for me and this past week! Not a whole lot happened but at the same time, huge things happened. Another reason this email is going to be short is because, well I have to spend some time *cough cough* packing *cough cough*. We got our transfer calls and this time... I'm the one who's leaving. I don't exactly know how to explain how I feel about it because I have made some life-long friends up here in Rimouski and it will be tough leaving them. This branch is like a family to me! We are all so close and I am so blessed to have been able to get to know them. I consider myself a member of that branch! It was definitely hard yesterday having to say goodbye. We have a few (read: many) appointments before I leave. We're having dinner with members tonight, then breakfast, lunch, and dinner tomorrow with different families! They all wanted one last meal with me. Ahh. This is the hardest part about being a missionary. I love these people! At the same time, I needed a change. I've felt stagnant for a few weeks and even though I may have covered it up nicely in my emails, I'll be honest—I've had a pretty tough time. But what is life without a little opposition? So I'll be headed to a city just north of my old stomping grounds in Montréal called Terrebonne. (Good earth!) I'm excited to see what I have to work with! If I'm remembering correctly I'll be serving in a ward of about 80+ with a missionary who got here two months ago from British Columbia! He'll be my second Canadian companion! His name is Elder Sloot. Oh! And Elder Bangerter tells me that I'll be living in apartment with another companionship! I'm looking forward to that!

I didn't take any pictures this week because I was waiting to get my other photo card in the mail. Speaking of which..... I got my mail!! (I'll be getting my mail much more frequently in Terrebonne.) Thanks for all of the birthday cards and packages and notes and black licorice! Oh and those girl scout cookie crunch bars... those are out of this world!

Okay, gotta run. Love you all!

Bonne semaine!

Elder Ellis

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